Call for Papers: APPT 2015

        APPT is a biennial conference on parallel and distributed processing. Following the success of its past ten conference series, APPT-15 will continue to provide an exciting forum for scientists and engineers in academia and industry to exchange and discuss experiences, new ideas, and results related to parallel and distributed processing, including specific technologies on big data processing, parallel architectures and systems, parallel software, parallel algorithms and applications, distributed and cloud computing, and so on.


Specific technologies on big data processing存储产业技术创新战略联盟e"CpLr$|G$}

  -Big data applications and corresponding features存储产业技术创新战略联盟-IEJ%W ip

  -Programming models and tools for big data applications存储产业技术创新战略联盟7M!x i Nl1aj

  -Parallel algorithms for big data processing

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  -Analysis techniques and tools for big graph processing and data centers;存储产业技术创新战略联盟#}P9u!YGt

  -Systems and tools for big data processing存储产业技术创新战略联盟QIW5c e pH

  -Micro-architecture, storage, and energy management for big data processing

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  -Parallel architectures and systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟t } OO9E8Gon

Architectures for instruction-level, chip-level, thread-level and data parallelism存储产业技术创新战略联盟\0mK3I0Q0J;t

  -Special-purpose architectures and accelerators存储产业技术创新战略联盟C~gD:BB ^H

  -Optimization on memory hierarchy存储产业技术创新战略联盟'd%F5Qf5s3{

  -Network and interconnect architectures


  -Interconnect architectures for multicore


  -Parallel I/O and storage systems


  -Power-efficient architectures存储产业技术创新战略联盟DO Qcm3weI

  -Architecture and compiler support for big data computing存储产业技术创新战略联盟{i I9\ w e;z'Ds u k

  -Software bridging computing segments, from mobile systems to data centers存储产业技术创新战略联盟$Kj/M{r/aM \.n

  -Embedded computing systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟Xw+G0y){ R;[

  -Parallel and distributed embedded and control systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟8j#ra2N4Bfe

Parallel software存储产业技术创新战略联盟&k/jn3VT-|)b0d+n

  -Parallel programming languages, models and compilers

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  -New parallel programming paradigms


  -Domain-specific languages for parallel systems


  -Multicore runtime systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟5f!g7C ?6~S3A

  -Operating systems and virtualization for multicore and clusters存储产业技术创新战略联盟m.S.hN3_ dO

  -Resource management for parallel systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟3cm;@bsk1A J

  -High availability, reliability and fault tolerance存储产业技术创新战略联盟6A.x j;N3Q3H,IS

  -Scalability issues in parallel software and systems


  -Performance modeling, analysis and tuning tools存储产业技术创新战略联盟-`\2a!El xE1x

  -Programming environments and tools存储产业技术创新战略联盟:hk5e5]n nq;?u1\ b

  -Parallel embedded software


Parallel algorithms and applications存储产业技术创新战略联盟"o*}%eL(E{

  -Massively parallel applications存储产业技术创新战略联盟 G1]6N)u3f

  -Fault-tolerance of algorithms存储产业技术创新战略联盟#_^6]y0}WCi

  -Optimizations of communication and synchronization protocols


  -Network algorithms, Scheduling and load balancing存储产业技术创新战略联盟 K+Hj-}[$W

  -Scientific applications


  -Applications using multicore and/or GPUs


Distributed and cloud computing


  -Reliability, availability and security in distributed and cloud systems


  -Distributed and cloud storage systems

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  -Distributed and cloud infrastructure technologies


  -Distributed caching, and query processing存储产业技术创新战略联盟1N1~~0^uI

  -Workload characterization of cloud systems

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  -Managing, debugging, and diagnosing of cloud systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟&p3x/D8J!j

  -Peer-to-peer computing存储产业技术创新战略联盟 Gr#o f+s

  -Grid computing存储产业技术创新战略联盟SUUw+u6` j

  -Pervasive and mobile computing architectures存储产业技术创新战略联盟rl |^y(j-`+J3F

  -Security in networks and distributed systems存储产业技术创新战略联盟R:_CYf o\KE+v"p)i+S



  Important Dates:

      1.Paper submission due: April 10, 2015存储产业技术创新战略联盟{bE-o:mQT,H

      2.Review due: May 17, 2015存储产业技术创新战略联盟3sb&e j+E bN9{9I!k

      3.Online-discussion due: May 27, 2015存储产业技术创新战略联盟#I oqdYj^.o.Ce.[

      4.Notification to authors: June 5, 2015

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      5.Camere-ready due: June 25,2015存储产业技术创新战略联盟JB)\dRK%_(T(V!m

      6.APPT conference: Aug 20-21,2015存储产业技术创新战略联盟/nWt!h2s0KV

 存储产业技术创新战略联盟rg @d O W1BL

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